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About Us

With a targeted approach to the many forces driving society today, our range of products has been inspired by the latest lifestyle trends as well as increasing global interest towards improved living standards, in regard to safety, greener energy solutions and natural resource conservation.


With busy and often frantic lifestyles, we understand that any free time is valuable.
Our range of Lifestyle products is designed to help individuals and families enjoy a more comfortable way of life.

Designed to enhance outdoor living areas, our range of Solar Magic™ (solar) and Magic Garden™ (12V LED) outdoor lighting products, will create a new found serenity for relaxation or entertaining.

We also offer a range of products designed to enhance your home indoors for renovation projects and alike. Our Magic Living™ range is expanding to support your Lifestyle needs.  

All products are designed for Do-It-Yourself installation making them not only easy to install but quick to install leaving more free time to enjoy.


With increasing interest in home improvement and DIY projects, we offer a range of products to protect the safety of individuals and families - 'protecting life, assets and productivity'.
The Excalibur™ range of products incorporates a range of electrical items and accessories for safety; protecting electrical equipment, safeguarding human life as well as offering easy to use and convenient product solutions for home, office and workshop environments.
With stringent quality control processes, we ensure only safe and reliable products reach our end user, giving all our customers peace of mind.

Merlin also bring to market a tailored range of products specifically designed for the Tradesman and the serious handyman under the Powerking brand. These products are built to survive the serious demands of the workplace as well as meeting the higher standards required by Australian Standards and Workcover requirements.


Protecting our natural resources has fast evolved from a political issue to a topic of interest and often lifestyle change for many individuals.solarpanels

Merlin Distribution offers a range of products designed for easy Do-It-Yourself installation making energy saving a more achievable goal in and around the home. Our Solar Wizard™ lighting range uses free energy from the sun, not only saving the environment but also saving money off energy bills with no operating costs.

Merlin Distribution is invested in expanding its product ranges with the environment in mind, using renewable energy sources as well as the development of products to conserve natural resources such as water, supporting a sustained high quality living standard for generations to come.


Caring for our Environment

In addition to energy conscious product initiatives, Merlin Distribution has also adopted a strong environmental policy to help reduce, re-use and recycle waste materials.

As a brand owner and packaging user, Merlin Distribution has supported the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) and former National Packaging Covenant since 1998 as part of the company's broader commitment to the environment and the conservation of natural resources.

Merlin's involvement in the APC is a voluntary corporate initiative aimed to reduce packaging waste and manage the packaging process throughout the supply chain, right through to disposal. 

Merlin supports the principles of product stewardship and shared responsibility as outlined in the APC and has formulated an action plan to deliver on these principles. Click here to view Merlin's Action Plan, and to learn more about the APC visit the website for the Australian Packaging Covenant. 


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