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Product Range

Merlin Distribution is committed to providing leading edge products at a high quality standard for the safety and enjoyment of its customers. Our diverse product range includes:


The Excalibur™ range of powerboards has been developed with safety, ease of use, energy management and convenience in mind. The range includes household, home office, and entertainment powerboards, from standard 4 outlet powerboards, with or without surge protection, to surge protected individually switched powerboards, designed to eliminate power wastage. Click here to view the complete Excalibur™ Powerboard range.

Portable Powerstation with RCBO

Combining residual current protection with overload and short circuit protection, the built in RCBO (Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overload) on each unit is designed to protect against electrocution while also protecting valuable electronic equipment.

The Powerking™ Safeguard Portable Power Station has been tested and approved against Class PSOA, the highest level under the latest standard for Portable Residual Current Devices, AS/NSZ 3190: 2009. The Powerking™ Safeguard Portable Powerstation is available in both 10 Amp and 15 Amp. Click here for more details.

Outdoor RCD Safety Adaptor

Designed to detect current leakage and protect against electrocution, the Excalibur™ Outdoor Safety Adaptor is IP44 weatherproof rated, making it safe to use around wet areas, such as in bathrooms, around pools, workshops, carports and patios.


With a range of extension leads available for home, office, workshop and construction site use, the combined Excalibur™ and Powerking™ ranges has a lead to suit a variety of applications. With varying lead lengths available, our range includes:

Click here to view all leads within the Excalibur™ and Powerking™ ranges.

Double Adaptors

The Excalibur™ range of adaptors includes a range of household double adaptors, comprising a triangle shaped adaptor for basic needs, a right sided adaptor for use in double power points (right power point socket), and a space saving vertical standing adaptor for use in left or right power point sockets. Click here to view the complete range of Excalibur™ Double Adaptors.


Timers are an easy and inexpensive way to automate living and help make everyday life easier.
Timers can be used to switch appliances on and off at specified time intervals throughout the day and are ideal for:

The Excalibur™ range of timers includes basic 24 hour mechanical timers, a 7 day digital timer, and an IP44 rated outdoor timer. Click here to view the complete Excalibur™ timer range.

Bathroom Heaters & Ventilation Products

The Magic Living™ range of 3-in-1 Bathroom units offers a complete solution for bathroom heating, lighting and ventilation needs. Pre-fitted with heat lamps, an energy saving light globe and complete with a powerful ball bearing motor and ducting system, these units are designed for comfort.

Also available within the Magic Living™ range of ventilation products is a 250mm ceiling exhaust fan, designed to circulate fresh air for a healthier living environment, in and around bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. Click here to view the complete Magic Living™ heating and ventilation range.

Indoor Lighting

The Magic Living™ product range is expanding, to help individuals and families enjoy a more comfortable way of life. With products such as indoor battery LED lights, energy saving globes and heat lamps, this range has been designed to make everday life more comfortable. Click here to view indoor lighting products within the Magic Living™ range.

Safety Boxes & Enclosures

For protection of plugs and sockets in outdoor environments, Merlin Distribution has a range of safety boxes available. Our Excalibur™ Outdoor Safety Box IP64,has been designed to house 6 outlet and some 8 outlet powerboards, protecting outdoor electrical appliances from ingress of dust and splashes of water. With an IP64 weatherproof rating, this product is safe to use around wet areas and is ideal for outdoor applications such as garden lighting, festive lighting, water features and swimming pools.

The Excalibur™ Lead Safety Box range has been designed to make using extension leads outdoors even more convenient. With a snap lock design and a choice of an IP44 weatherproof safety box, or a larger IP55 safety box, plugs and sockets are protected from separating for safety around children, while providing protection against outdoor elements such as dirt, dust, moisture and rain. Click here to view the complete Excalibur™ safety box range.


The 240V Powerking™ range of worklights has been designed with the DIY handyman, tradesman and the professional builder in mind, with a product available to suit home improvement projects, and larger construction projects.
Each light includes an adjustable floor stand, or adjustable tripod stand to meet different lighting requirements.
With an IP44 weatherproof rating, the range is safe to use around wet areas and ideal for use around workshops and building sites.

Also available in the Powerking™ worklight range are rechargeable and battery operated LED hand-held worklights, ideal for general household repairs, mechanical repairs, and for convenience lighting in and around the home, cars, workshops, garages and sheds. Click here to view the complete range of Powerking™ worklights.


Solar Lighting - Garden, Festive & Security

Solar Garden Lighting

Installing solar lighting over traditional 240V mains voltage lighting is a simple way to help reduce carbon emissions around the home. With no installation costs or operating costs, solar lights are also an affordable means of lighting up outdoor areas and enhancing garden features.

Our extensive range of solar garden lights incorporates the latest styles and finishes for both decorative and practical lighting solutions. With many different products available creating different lighting effects, upgrading the look of outdoor living areas has never been so easy. Our range of garden lights is ideal for accentuating garden contours, highlighting pathways and driveways, decorating external entertainment areas, and providing light for security, safety and night-time visibility.

All lights are easy to install and operate with sunlight being the only requirement. Using direct energy from the sun, batteries will charge during the day and lights will activate automatically at night.

Solar Festive Lighting

Taking advantage of the sundrenched Australian climate over Christmas, where days are long and sunny (conditions ideal for solar lighting), a comprehensive range of solar festive lights has been developed as an alternative to traditional 240V mains voltage Christmas lighting.

With no installation costs or operating costs, solar lights can provide an easy DIY Christmas lighting solution which will also help to minimise a spike in energy bills during the holiday season.

Our extensive range of solar festive lights incorporates solar bud lights, solar lanterns, solar rope light sets, and even a solar reindeer frame. With many different products available, some ideal for Christmas as well as everyday entertainment lighting, decorating the house and garden has never been so easy.

Security Lighting & Utility Lighting

In addition to garden and entertainment lighting, our solar product range extends to security and utility lighting with a range of solar security lights and shed lights, ideal for areas where no electricity is available. With no electrical wiring, these lights offer many benefits over traditional 240V products, including:

Click here to view the complete range of solar security and utility lights

Merlin is continually striving towards ongoing product improvements and is committed to providing only quality products to the market. Most products sold within the above categories come complete with 12 month manufacturer warranties. Click here to read our full warranty statement.


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