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When the flow of current in an electrical appliance is not balanced between the active conductor and neutral
conductor, this imbalance may represent current leakage through the body of a person who comes into contact
with the appliance. This contact may result in electric shock.

This portable RCD adaptor is designed to detect leakage in current and respond by cutting power to the
connected appliance quickly enough to prevent electrocution.

* This adaptor has an IP44 weatherproof rating, which means it is protected against solid objects such as wires, with 1mm diameter or more, from penetrating. It is also protected against splashes of water from all directions in situations such as light rain, making it safe to use around wet areas, such as in bathrooms, around pools, workshops, carports and patios.

~ Protects against the risk of electric shock
~ IP44 - safe to use outdoors
~ Safety test / reset button
~ Power indicator screen
~ Leakage Tripping current: 30mA
~ Tripping time: <40ms
~ Current: Max 10A
~ Power: Max 2400W


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