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Using solar power and LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, this twin head solar sensor light has been
designed as an easy DIY security lighting solution. With SMD LEDs this light emitts a very bright light, up to 80 lumens, ideal for all your security lighting needs. Using PIR motion sensor technology, the light will activate at night once detecting movement within the detection area.
Powered by the sun, this light provides a convenient and low cost alternative to fixed hard-wired security lighting, ideal for areas where electricity may not be available.
With no hard wiring, there are no installation costs associated with an electrician and no ongoing running costs.
The remote solar panel uses energy from the sun to charge batteries during the day so must be installed in a sunny location.
The flexibility of 3m cable length from the light to the solar panel, allows the light to be installed in shaded and
sheltered areas, while the panel is placed in direct sunlight to charge.

~ Twin head - dual lighting direction
~ SMD white LEDs - up to 80 lumens
~ Adjustable activation time dial – minimum 5 seconds, maximum 3 minutes
~ Adjustable PIR sensitivity dial – up to 10m and 120° detection range
~ Remote solar panel - flexible installation; install lights in shaded areas while solar panel is placed in direct sunlight to charge
~ 3m cable attached to solar panel
~ Durable plastic construction
~ IP44 weatherproof
~ Adjustable angle for light heads and swivel action PIR sensor
~ DIY no electrical wiring - No installation costs or operating costs
~ Save $$ and the environment
~ Rechargeable AA batteries included


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